“How did you handle a difficult situation?” in Job Interview 

“Tell me about a difficult situation or challenge you faced in a workplace”
“How did you handle difficult situation?”

You will most likely be asked this type of question in job interview. By asking this question, employers are trying to see how you (A) take charge in handling a challenging situation,  or (B) collaborate with your coworkers as a team to solve a conflict. They want to know if you have critical thinking and problem solving skill, how you approach the problem and the level of responsibility you take in challenging situations. It is very important to make sure that you use an example that demonstrates your ability to handle difficult situation. So do not mention about when you elevated the responsibility. Rather, talk about times when you stepped up and took a leadership position by collaborating with your coworkers.

In order to construct an effective story, use PAR model and follow the 3 steps.

  1. Problem: Identify the problem. What was the issue?
  2. Action: How did you and your coworkers analyzed the problem and took actions to solve the issue?
  3. Result: What was the positive outcome in result of the action?

By following PAR model, you can frame your story well.
Watch the video to see example answer and start constructing your answer.
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