The right tools to get the right job

Your Meaningful Job Search

Every good job search needs a system to enable a systematic, purposeful journey. Jobspeaker helps students stay empowered at every stage of the job search — with online management tools, instructional videos, and a collaborative environment that keeps them engaged and ready for the workforce.

An Easy Way to Organize

Managing a job search can be a full-time job. You’re practicing time management, patience, and even customer service as you balance your search with all other aspects of your life.

With Jobspeaker, easily manage the complexity of all the career events, resumes, cover letters, applications, interviews, and more — all in one place. Use our 5-step process to take the headache out of job searching so you can focus on getting the right job.

Progress at a Glance

With Jobspeaker, your job search becomes more efficient and effective, because you’re able to manage the entire process, keep organized, and stay on top of new opportunities as they arise.

Save all job listings in one place and quickly rank each job, tracking your progress along the way. Review your notes on prospective employers, so you can remember interviewers when you’re considering job offers or writing thank-you notes.

Your Online Profile

With your personalized online profile, you can promote your skill set, experience, and enthusiasm to potential employers. They can quickly access your profile and match you to open positions at their business or organization.

You can even create multiple, customized versions depending on the roles you're applying for.

Your Best Jobs in One Place

With so many job boards, it can be challenging to keep track of job listings. Using Jobspeaker, you’ll have an easy-to-use online tool to save and manage job listings from all your favorite online job boards. Jobspeaker aggregates jobs from all over the job market and puts them in front of you in an easy to use online and mobile interface.


The right tools to get the right job