The #1 Factor for Students Choosing College – Career Prep

In order to attract and retain today’s students, institutions must have a plan in place that can showcase how they will help students gain the skills they desire while providing value for their tuition dollars. Jobspeaker is helping colleges showcase their career-enhancing features, and we are ready to help you plan and achieve greater alignment with your learner’s career goals.

Skills are the New Currency

Now, your institutions can plan, scale, and execute the meaningful Work-Based Learning programs that students crave.

Only Jobspeaker offers Skills Transcript™ to supplement a new graduate’s resume. It’s automatically built from a student’s completed coursework and showcases what a student has learned, earned, and how it relates to employment.

From career exploration to hired, Jobspeaker’s platform is the total software you and your team have dreamed of.

Work-Based Learning Tools


The Jobspeaker platform enables institutions to manage, track, and report on every type of Experience-Based Learning with state-of-the-art task automation and workflows–all while staying in compliance with evolving state regulations.

Jobspeaker reporting will keep you in compliance and help you guide your program growth and report on objectives met and successes achieved.


How Does Jobspeaker Help?

Using the Jobspeaker platform gives faculty and career services teams the tools needed to effectively manage and scale the skills and experiences that matter most to students.

When learners get access to invaluable skills and experiences, and local employers fill their pipelines with highly skilled candidates, everyone wins, and your programs shine.



What is Inside the Platform that Makes it Work?

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Yes! We have a plug-and-play job board – but we offer so much more!

Ability to manage and scale quality hands-on learning experiences.

Finally, a way to make curriculum mapping easy! Jobspeaker maps your curriculum to skills employers demand. Then Skills Mapping™ guides learners to programs that teach the skills needed for their dream job.

Automatically built from a student's completed coursework. It showcases what a student has learned, earned, and how it relates to employment.

Our products bridge the education-to-workforce talent pipeline through an AI data-driven platform matching in-demand skills to career pathways.