Purpose is

Educators, parents, and learners alike have common goals. All three want learners to gain the knowledge needed to enter the workforce, land a job that leads to career stability, and contribute more to their local community.

Helping students envision what is possible is only half the battle – educators must provide opportunities and exposure to these different careers. Managing Work-Based Learning can be complex. That’s why Jobspeaker is your ideal K-12 technology partner!

Pathway Learning

Jobspeaker provides Pathway Learning tools that link K-12 Career and Technical Education and/or postsecondary education and training to a sustainable career.


The platform helps align students with a pathway based on their interests and skills and shows a clear route to get from where they are today to the career they desire.


Career Exploration

Jobspeaker’s robust suite of tools allows learners to explore job market data for any industry and answer their most burning questions:

  • “How much money can I expect to earn in a good job in that field, and where can I get a job like that?”
  • “Will I like doing this kind of work when I am fully trained?”
  • “How long will my education and training take, and where can I get it?”

Answering these and other key questions helps learners make informed decisions about their future!

How Does Jobspeaker Help?


No doubt about it, Generation Z craves stability, but they are more motivated by life-work (in that order) balance than prior learners. Let Jobspeaker help you offer the tools students need to identify their interests and make realistic plans on how to achieve a lasting career.

What is Inside the Platform that Makes it Work?

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Yes! We have a plug-and-play job board – but we offer so much more!

Ability to manage and scale quality hands-on learning experiences.

Finally, a way to make curriculum mapping easy! Jobspeaker maps your curriculum to skills employers demand. Then Skills Mapping™ guides learners to programs that teach the skills needed for their dream job.

Automatically built from a student's completed coursework. It showcases what a student has learned, earned, and how it relates to employment.

Our products bridge the education-to-workforce talent pipeline through an AI data-driven platform matching in-demand skills to career pathways.