Identify the right candidates and convert your future employees

How It Works

Whether you’re a small business owner looking for your first enthusiastic employee or a large enterprise recruiting your next influx of bright minds, Jobspeaker can help you find candidates with the skill sets that best-suit your business model and culture.

We work with local and national educators and campus career services programs to line up solid employment opportunities for their students. And, we work with you to help identify and hire the right employees for your company today and in the future.

A Mobile-First Solution

Our mobile solution enables easier, faster, and more responsive communications between employers and future employees who are always on the go.

Enjoy the confidence knowing that when you reach out to potential candidates, your messages and notifications reach students wherever they are.

Job Board Management

Jobspeaker provides a simple platform to enable easy interaction between campus and employer to ensure timely delivery, approval, and posting of job openings.

Targeted Recruiting

Find candidates with the skill sets and profiles that best match the needs of your organization and culture using our comprehensive search system.

Reporting & Analytics

Get valuable insights on numerous aspects of your company’s recruiting efforts, such as candidate conversion rates.

Take advantage of reporting tools that help illustrate successes and identify areas of improvement.

Work-Based Learning

Whether you need help managing, working with, or creating a new internship or apprenticeship program, Jobspeaker can help your organization connect with local colleges or workforce agencies to identify possible candidates and build your future workforce.

With Jobspeaker, you can work seamlessly and efficiently with an organization or individual jobseeker looking to build the skills you need to develop your business.


Identify the right candidates and convert your future employees