There Are More
Paths to Success
than a Four Year

Students and their needs are changing. More than ever before, students are considering alternatives to college as the best path forward to a meaningful career. For some students, the time and tuition cost of a traditional degree just doesn’t work. A faster credential, certificate, or apprenticeship program can be a better fit. But the one thing all students have in common? They want skills that lead to lasting careers.

A Platform for Today’s Dynamic Workforce

Whether you’re with a government agency, community organization, or workforce provider, Jobspeaker can help you engage with clients and transition them into the workforce.

Case managers can work with clients to build a personalized profile that gets them noticed in the job market, as well as notify clients of learning initiatives. Administrators can use our flexible, configurable, secure system to manage, understand, and report on vast amounts of data to illustrate success and identify opportunities of improvement.

A New Way to Showcase Skills

An individual Skills Transcript ™ to accompany the learner’s resume is created for them automatically. A Skills Transcript ™ maps the skills earned via education, training, or internships to the skills required to be successful in their chosen career and displays it on their profile for employers to see when they’re searching for candidates.

Jobspeaker can guide learners to find, choose, and enroll in your career education and training programs with a greater likelihood of success and alignment with your approach to preparing them for a job in the right market.


How Does Jobspeaker Help?

The Jobspeaker platform brings transparency and a clear pathway for students to follow to achieve their career goals.

Once we help them identify their goal, Jobspeaker creates an individual pathway that includes the skills needed for the career field chosen, the educational credentials needed and how to earn them, and matching them up with Work-Based Learning opportunities that help build real-world skills.

What is Inside the Platform that Makes it Work?

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Creating opportunities for 1 million+ students and clients

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Yes! We have a plug-and-play job board – but we offer so much more!

Ability to manage and scale quality hands-on learning experiences.

Finally, a way to make curriculum mapping easy! Jobspeaker maps your curriculum to skills employers demand. Then Skills Mapping™ guides learners to programs that teach the skills needed for their dream job.

Automatically built from a student's completed coursework. It showcases what a student has learned, earned, and how it relates to employment.

Our products bridge the education-to-workforce talent pipeline through an AI data-driven platform matching in-demand skills to career pathways.