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Site Mapping

Step 1

Skills Mapping

Whether a jobseeker acquires skills in school, during an internship, or on the job — a skills profile provides a complete picture of any job candidate.

In this first step, Jobspeaker collects all skills, knowledge, and abilities from a jobseeker to create a customized skills profile.

We’re then able to directly map jobseeker to employer to help employers feel confident about a candidate’s competency before an interview.

In turn, employers and/or agencies are able to provide feedback on the skills, to enable jobseekers and educational institutions alike the ability to adapt to needs of the job market.

Personalized Career Exploration

Step 2

Personalized Career Exploration

A little perspective can go a long way as students explore career paths.

In this step, Jobspeaker provides career path guidance, sharing jobs, salaries, and the skills required for roles within an industry. This helps students find their paths, stay on their paths, and complete their education.

As they hone their skill sets, jobseekers can feel empowered with a personalized view of the job market.

Jobspeaker also provides online tools and a virtual coach to show how to conduct an efficient and effective job search.

Collaboration Tools

Step 3

Collaboration Tools

Any successful job search takes a village, requiring collaboration among employer, educational institution, and jobseeker.

With the Jobspeaker platform, everyone involved in the job search can work together — cross department, cross industry, or cross discipline — while engaging with jobseekers, as they attend career fairs, workshops, and interviews.

Our platform is particularly adept at helping students, jobseekers, employers, administrators, faculty members, and case managers work together to increase work-based learning opportunities.

Job Search and Reporting

Step 4

Job Search and Reporting

As we help organize and jobseeker’s job search, we’re able to offer their educational institution a unique view into the student’s activity. This enables the college, university, or trade school to step in and provide help to the jobseeker who might be struggling.

We also provide additional analytics and insights into the data that we glean from all interactions between jobseekers, employers, and staff.

Employment Tracking and Alumni Engagement

Step 5

Employment Tracking and Alumni Engagement

The story isn’t over once a student graduates. With Jobspeaker, the engagement continues to help ensure students get into relevant and meaningful careers.

We also track the employment outcomes, analyze the skills employers seek, and provide all feedback and data to the educational institution.

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Ability to manage and scale quality hands-on learning experiences.

Finally, a way to make curriculum mapping easy! Jobspeaker maps your curriculum to skills employers demand. Then Skills Mapping™ guides learners to programs that teach the skills needed for their dream job.

Automatically built from a student's completed coursework. It showcases what a student has learned, earned, and how it relates to employment.

Our products bridge the education-to-workforce talent pipeline through an AI data-driven platform matching in-demand skills to career pathways.