Step 1

Skills Mapping

Its important that jobseekers can articulate the skills they have to potential employers. It’s also important for potential employers to see those skills. Plus it’s important to gain insight on how those skills are being received in the job market by your employers.

Jobspeaker is unique in the way it maps the skills that your jobseekers are earning or have earned at your institution or elsewhere into the skills profile. Our system presents these skills to the employer and collects direct and in-direct feedback on those skills so that the individual and the institution can adapt to job market needs.

Step 2

Personalized Career Exploration

As students explore their preferred career path, Jobspeaker helps by putting that career path into perspective in terms of the jobs, salaries and skills required for roles in that industry. This serves as a retention tool to help students find their path, stay on their path and complete their education.

An individual’s skill set is then used to drive their job search. Therefore each job seeker gets a personalized view of the job market that matches the skills they wish to advertise to employers. Jobspeaker helps by also providing tools and a virtual coach to show how to run an efficient and effective job search.

Step 3

Collaboration Tools

It takes a village – the Jobspeaker platform enables cross department, cross industry and cross discipline collaboration while engaging your student or jobseekers as they engage with career and job related activity e.g. career fairs, workshops, interviews, etc.

Our platform is particularly adept at helping these parties (students, jobseekers, employers, administrators, faculty members, case managers) work together to increase Work Based Learning opportunities to jobseekers.

Step 4

Job Search and Reporting

As we help engage and organize student’s and jobseeker’s job search, we see how often they are participating and therefore can offer the institution a unique view into how active each individual and on aggregate a cohort is engaged. Thus allowing you the ability to focus on the individuals that need the most help.

Of course, we also provide additional analytics and insights into the data that we gleam from all of the interactions between your students, jobseekers, employers and staff. This includes but is certainly not limited to the skills that employers most value.

Step 5

Employment Tracking and Alumni Engagement

With Jobspeaker, it's not over once the student graduates - the engagement continues to ensure the students get into relevant and meaningful careers. We track the employment outcomes, analyze the skills employers are seeking, and provide all of that outcome and feedback data to you.