Google Blog Featuring Jobspeaker’s Use of Vertex AI

Google recently featured Jobspeaker on its public sector blog.  Check out the article outlining how Jobspeaker uses Vertex AI in its platform. 

Creating a common language for learners, educators, and employers with AI

By Roshni Madaiah and Pratap Ramamurthy

A lack of skills holds back tens of millions of people from finding jobs, growing in their careers, and adapting to today’s business opportunities. For example, an estimated 920 million people globally have an education that does not match their job1, while 60% of workers will require new training before 2027 but only some have access to adequate training opportunities2.

Expanding access to continuing education is a great way to level the playing field for everyone and give people a clearer understanding of the skills needed for a given job – and how to build those skills.

Jobspeaker, a Google Cloud EdTech partner, believes that bringing together educators, learners, and employers can significantly reduce the strain on people and businesses caused by the economic cycle and exponentially increasing technology effects on the job market.

“People need different things at different stages in their careers,” says Jarlath O’Carroll, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jobspeaker. “In the past decade, we’ve seen more people looking to re-skill or upskill in response to the quickly evolving economy. We focus on making re-skilling and upskilling as effective and efficient as possible.”

Jobspeaker chose to use Google Cloud and become a Google EdTech partner in building their exploration, learning, and work platform that improves skills matching for learners – including students, job seekers, and professionals – as well as educators and employers.

Mapping skills through a new common language

Since its inception, Jobspeaker has worked to create a complete suite of tools for career planning that focuses on clarifying what skills are required for desired jobs or careers and provides a path to gain those skills.

“We chose to focus on the language of skills because there was such a gap in understanding by both employers and job seekers,” says Richard Varn, Chief Information Officer and board member at Jobspeaker. “Establishing reliable skills descriptions and communications among learners, educators, and employers will lead to better outcomes for everyone.”

To accomplish its goals, Jobspeaker needed IT solutions that would enable it to extract specific information regarding the skills students acquire throughout their academic journeys, as well as those that employers seek. Google Cloud proved to be the best option because it provides the tools to extract vast amounts of information at scale.


Read full article here.

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