Six in 10 workers will require training before 2027

Another staggering statistic from the World Economic Forum Future Jobs 2023 report.  There is a significant gap between the training needs of workers and the current availability of adequate training opportunities. The rapidly evolving nature of work, driven by technological advancements and changing market dynamics, demands continuous upskilling and reskilling to remain competitive in the job market.

Six in 10 workers will require training before 2027

From the World Economic Forum Future Jobs 2023 report

Six in 10 workers will require training before 2027, but only half of workers are seen to have access to adequate training opportunities today. The highest priority for skills training from 2023-2027 is analytical thinking, which is set to account for 10% of training initiatives, on average.

The second priority for workforce development is to promote creative thinking, which will be the subject of 8% of upskilling initiatives. Training workers to utilize AI and big data ranks third among company skills-training priorities in the next five years and will be prioritized by 42% of surveyed companies.

Employers also plan to focus on developing worker’s skills in leadership and social influence
(40% of companies); resilience, flexibility and agility (32%); and curiosity and lifelong learning (30%). Two-thirds of companies expect to see a return on investment on skills training within a year of the investment, whether in the form of enhanced cross-role mobility, increased worker satisfaction or enhanced worker productivity.

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