Considering Jobs of the Future

The past ten years have contributed to some incredible advancements in our world and its technology. Remember the phone you owned ten years ago compared to the phone you own today. What about the jobs your parents had, the “popular” degrees sought after, and the career path you followed or planned to embark on at that point in time.

In a decades time, we have been indoctrinated to new technological experiences that we cannot imagine how we lived without them. Smartphones with overwhelming amounts of features, augmented reality, self-driving cars, drones, and a lengthy list of technological advancements to inspire us beyond our imagination.

With these new technological advancements come new career opportunities. Some job titles of the past have faded, some have remained and altered to keep up with the current workforce needs. We also have yet to know of jobs to come in the far future. In other words, the job of your destiny may not exist yet. However, there are some current foreseeable job titles “of the future” that may be a valuable consideration for your future career plans.


If the future is now – 5 jobs that didn’t exist ten years ago

Social Media Manager

Social media is a new industry that has been integrated in people and business lives. A Social Media Manager or Social Media Specialist has an advanced, targeted, and strategic approach of working the various social media platforms. They create campaigns, content, and communicate with a target audience to serve a brand’s image and growth. They are able to utilize analytics to determine audience reach and brand influence.

Uber/Lyft Driver

Uber and Lyft are the leading ridesharing companies today in the mobility market. They democratized how we think about transportation through job opportunities for drivers through their platform. Anyone can be a driver with Uber and Lyft’s company criteria. Using their company smartphone application, a safe and experienced driver can get behind the wheel when “hailed” by the app and take rides at their ideal or convenient schedule.

Sustainability Manager

Now more than ever the environment and the role we play in sustaining it is critical. A Sustainability Manager career is centered around environmental sustainability efforts. This job consists of managing, strategizing, and guiding a company’s efforts in environmentally friendly actions or concepts. Sustainability Managers can work anywhere, including universities and various sized corporations.

Content Creator

From companies, artists, products, and especially influencers, everyone and everything seems to be a brand. Content Creators contribute information to any media (commonly digital) in the form of a blog, video, podcast, websites, photography, and maintenance on various social media platforms. The content created is targeted and for a specific context to positively impact brand growth and influence. A Pew survey described content creation as the creation of “the material people contribute to the online world.

Cloud Computing Specialist

Today’s current technology platforms comes with a large amount of data that needs to be stored and managed. A Cloud Computing Specialists manages that data in a virtual environment through file storage and on-site servers by creating streamlined operations for businesses. The inform business decisions on migrating their information and services to the cloud in addition to selecting the most appropriate cloud technology.

5 Jobs to exist and thrive within the next ten years


Surgeons of the future may find themselves operating in real-time while being miles away from their patient. How is this possible? Through Telesurgery, specially trained Telesurgeons will utilize robotic technology to carry out surgical procedures remotely. Operations are performed by robotic tools instead of a surgeon’s hand, yet still remain controlled and conducted by the knowledge or commands of the trained human surgeon.

Human-Technology Integration Specialist

The earth got along for quite some time before the existence of technology and its necessity is only growing. This means more people unfamiliar with technology including computers and the internet are needing an introduction to best practices and general usage of tech. Human-Tech Integration Specialists provide development and leadership to guide company staff or individuals in need of a curriculum and understanding regarding their usage of technology.

Augmented Reality Architects

Augmented reality captures the real world and its existing coordinates to create interactive environments for the sake of future plans or manipulations. AR Architects have the ability to design and build a 3D model of a structure (residential or commercial construction propositions) that can be placed, and viewed upon existing land via mobile device.

3D Printing Engineers

3D printing is an immediate form of manufacturing technology. 3D Printing Engineers create and evaluate designs of companies or customers in order to full proof the 3D printing procedure based on the original concepts compatibility.

Urban Agriculturalists

Urban areas have began to include the process of cultivating and distributing food. Urban Agriculturists contribute to sustaining, advancing, and aiding the act of farming among cities, converting waste to resources, and helping reduce the amount of travel food takes from farm to plate, increasing locally grown products.


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