Jobspeaker’s Platform Helps Engage and Manage Students in Job Search and Career Development 

Engaging in a meaningful job search and career development process is a must for both students and employers. Student engagement makes for a meaningful college experience in their learning and skills development. For educators, ensuring that students are active participants in their academic and career journey is setting students up for success. By creating career services and supportive resources Jobspeaker has created a system that mutually benefits both students and educators.

Jobspeaker’s foundational goals includes bridging the gaps between education, employment, and beyond. They understand the challenge educators face in managing and maintaining student engagement through career service provisions. The Jobspeaker platform creates a communication bridge between Student and Educator in career goal setting, work-based learning, and job searching.

Students gain access to tutorials, tips, event and task management tools, updated industry information, as well as the legitimate work-based learning or job opportunities relative to their area of study or passion and location. Educators have the ability to not only provide relevant and extensive career planning and obtaining guidance, they can organize, overview, manage, and gather results based on the activity of students.

As a Career Service platform with a human touch, Jobspeaker helps transition students from campus life to the workforce. How does Jobspeaker help engage and manage students in job search and career development?

A Mobile-First Solution

Jobspeaker is empowering today’s on-the-go jobseekers with a mobile app that helps them stay in control of their job search. The mobile first solution offered by Jobspeaker keeps students up to date and on task. Jobspeaker offers students an easy-to-use management tool where they can manage all aspects of their job search – such as resumes, potential employers, and job postings – all in one convenient place.

For employers, the platform eases the management of their job postings. Whether looking to announce job openings to an entire student body or share specific information with a single student, Jobspeaker’s platform can broaden or narrow communication to meet unique needs. While utilizing the Job Management and Collaboration tools, career service professionals can quickly and easily view student profiles, interact with individual students or an entire campus in career guidance, job postings, upcoming events, and more.

UVerify & Tracking Success

Jobspeaker users can efficiently track and analyze student, employer, and careers data — all in one place, on a computer or mobile device. The unique UVerify system is the only solution that provides a fully responsive way to track students, career services, and employer data. Combine this with Jobspeaker’s data reporting and analysis tools for a comprehensive approach to collecting, analyzing, synthesizing, and reporting on data pertaining to successes.

Event Management

Events may play a large role in student captivation and connection beyond the screen. With Jobspeaker, coordinate events on campus or online, manage meeting room schedules, keep students informed, and track potential attendance quickly and easily. Send notifications via SMS, email, or the mobile app.

The former students – Alumni Engagement

Unique to many job services, Jobspeaker finds Alumni to be a valuable addition to an educational institution’s career guidance. Share information and communicate directly with graduates and former students about job postings, events, and mentorship opportunities. Offer them useful, tangible methods to help them manage their job searching and careers, keeping them connected to career services beyond their time in school.

Reporting & Analytics

The solution’s data is extensive, yet easy to read and understand. This gives users more capabilities, but in an efficient and simple, user-friendly manner. Stay up to date on metrics and generate reports that illustrate a campus’ success. Whether tracking the number of career events hosted by a department, how many students have applied for jobs, personal engagement with new employers, or how long it takes graduates to land their first jobs, Jobspeaker can enable reporting to demonstrate a school’s resilience and accomplishments.

Work Based Learning

Whether looking to open a new Internship program for the business students, monitor the apprenticeship program for construction studies, find new employers for the clinical program the medical students are seeking, or manage any other work-related experience, program, or event for students, Jobspeaker helps. Jobspeaker allows the customization of workflow for each work-based learning opportunity that an institution wishes to provide its students. No matter the major or goal, Jobspeaker defines the roles, hiring process, and helps collect and report on contracts, attendance, time sheets, objectives, evaluations, and more.

As you can see, Jobspeaker is a great platform for engaging and managing students in Job search and carer development. Its an immersive system for educators and students that facilitates successful workforce development.

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