3 Reasons to Engage Your Alumni 

Alumni support is becoming an important factor for educational institutions. By definition, an alumnus is a former member of a group, company, organization, or educational institution. Don’t let the word “former” fool you. Though they are no longer enrolled in classes, dining in the cafeteria, or residing in the student dorms, their relationship with an alma mater shouldn’t come to an end. Too often educational institutions overlook the importance of their graduates. Here are 3 reasons why post-secondary schools should focus on alumni engagement strategies to maintain long-term supporters.

1. Loyalty and Support

Students that have a positive association with their post-secondary school will carry that feeling upon graduating. Educational institutions that strive to create a positive and impactful environment of opportunity tend to have larger amounts of alumni loyalty and support. Thriving students become the thriving alumni network that spreads good-will and brings resources to the school they love. Alumni support can be leveraging social, professional connections, and financial (i.e. donations) resources. In addition to wearing their alma mater gear. Go Gauchos!

2. References and Reputation

Alumni represents the “results” of the institution’s educational system. The more successful alumni are in their lives and careers, the institution is reflectively seen as successful. The student’s career moves can also reference their school’s efforts to ensure that their alumni is academically prepared and connected to existing alumni network when they enter the workforce. This advances the institution’s reputation as producing highly successful graduates. Thus in turn increasing freshmen applications who also are seeking the best post-secondary education and professional advancement from a highly regarded post-secondary institution.

3. Employer Recruitment

Schools that prepared, encouraged, and guided students through their career path are a valued part of an alumni’s personal and professional network.

Students that once sat behind the desk of a classroom may now be leading the most competitive and successful businesses. As business owners or company staff, alumni return to their alma mater to actively recruit students for internships, entry-level, and various job opportunities. This creates the professional network a school has access to as the school becomes a pool of up and coming candidates for the workforce. Strengthening this access through alumni engagement is an important element that broadens career path opportunities for students.

Jobspeaker can help educational institutions engage alumni.

Communication is a foundational strategy for alumni engagement. This is where Jobseeker can help. Jobspeaker offers a one-stop platform that serves as a communication tool between educational institutions and their alumni. Schools are able to share information and communicate directly with graduates and former students about job postings, events, and mentorship opportunities. Additionally, through Jobspeaker, alumni are offered useful, tangible methods to help them manage their job searches and careers while staying connected to the career services of the institution.

For educators seeking to better engage alumni, request a demo at

Learn more about Jobspeaker at jobspeaker.com

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Ivan Betancourt

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