“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” in Job Interview 

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” is one of the very common and hardest questions in job interviews.
How you answer this question clearly demonstrate how much you put your thoughts about the company you are interviewing for and how you’d like to grow your future career.

When answering this question, remember to keep your answer professional.
Make sure not to volunteer any personal information, and explain your future career steps and how you are planning of getting there. In order to do so, you need to clearly analyze where you are now, what you are capable of, and where you want to end up in 5 years.

In doing so, you also need to emphasize the importance of the position for your career.
Once you establish how the position is important to you, you can mention how you are planning to grow your career with possible upward mobility inside the company. Most of the time, hiring managers are looking for someone who would stay for long term. So give a good impression by mentioning how you are planning to grow within the company. For example, if you are applying for Junior position, explain how you are planning to learn from the position and climb up to managing position.

Here is a very good example answer for Junior Accountant position for Global Hotels.

“I’m looking for a role with the company that I can grow with professionally and continue to take on new responsibilities and challenges. Accounting is my passion, and I plan to be the very best Junior Accountant possible and look forward to watching my responsibilities grow. I’m not hung up on titles, but after proving myself successful as a staff or executive accountant, I would love to get into management and prove myself in a leadership position as well” 

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Ivan Betancourt

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