5 job search tips for new graduates 

Congratulations class of 2016!

As you graduate from college, your battlefield will transit from class room to meeting room. Today it is said that 38% of jobs are placed internally, another 38% through connected network, 8% through cold job application and 6% by luck. As a newly grad looking for an opportunity, how should you manage your job search process? Here’s how.

1. Clearly define your goal for your job search
I admit – I have applied to hundreds of companies in the hopes of hearing back from a few of them. Bad news-this doesn’t work. What you first need to do is to define your goal in your job search journey. Without a clear goal, there’s a very high chance that you will be drown in the ocean of job posts without getting anything. Before starting to apply for jobs, really think about what industry, position, and company culture you want to work in. Once you define the core value you’re looking for, make a list of 10-20 companies and focus on those.

2. Build your network
Today, over 76% of the jobs are placed through personal network. Without a doubt personal connection is one of the biggest keys to successful job landing. You might think, “How am I supposed to know someone when I just graduated from college…” but even if you don’t have any reliable contact, you can start building your network now. Whether through LinkedIn or your neighbor, you know people who can help you in your job search – find people with relevant job titles or employees at your dream company and start a conversation with them! Who knows who can refer you to a job.

3. Show who you are online
Employers are looking for candidates online. If you could showcase your value and who you are, you are a step ahead from others. So make sure you always update your profile on LinkedIn, create your own website, blog or twitter account and put your words out there. And don’t forget to clean up embarrassing photos you posted or any information you don’t want to be associated with!

4. Be a storyteller
Skills listed on your resume do not tell who you are. What is really important as a jobseeker is to tell your own story to show your brand and sell yourself. How would you show your personality? What are your values and strength? Take some time to think about your selling point and how to deliver them.

5. Manage and organize your job search journey
Once you start applying for jobs, you might realize you end up applying to so many companies and positions through different job posting sites, and lost track of them? Don’t panic. That happens to most jobseekers. What is important here is to make sure that YOU drive the job search journey.

At Jobspeaker, we believe that an organized job search produces better results. That is why we are offering a FREE easy to use, mobile first job search management application which allows you to save, track, and notes of all your job search process in one place to make your job search more organized, efficient and effective.
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