Jobspeaker Support

Use our FAQ below to find answers to your questions. If you don’t find what you need here, or if you want to provide feedback, please contact us.

Who is Jobspeaker?

Jobspeaker is a group of individuals who have experienced the pain of looking for a job from both sides of the recruiting table. With 50+ years of combined experience working across various industries we have seen it all and want to make recruitment easier for everyone but most especially for the job seekers. Looking for a job is a very difficult undertaking, especially now and our tools make it easier for job seekers to manage their job search more efficiently and effectively.

Why should I use Jobspeaker?

There is a lot to manage in a job search today particularly if you are approaching it in a pro-active manner. With job boards alone there are rumored to be 40,000 plus job boards. Then there are the companies where you’d like to work; the people that you are meeting; the networking events; the jobs that you have applied for; the resumes and cover letters that you have sent and any research that you may have done on the company, job or people involved. Jobspeaker offers you a service to keep all of this information together in one place and within the context of your job search. By looking at your Jobspeaker Dashboard you can quickly know how much progress you are making in your job search and access any related information. Jobspeaker helps you keep track of all your job search activities.

Where are the Jobs?

We are not yet another job board. We feel there are enough job boards out there and we don’t wish to add to the confusion so we do not have jobs listed on our site. Instead we allow users to save all their jobs to their Jobspeaker account so that they can track all of them in one place: rate them against each other; track their progress, tasks, contacts, documents, etc. on each and quickly see how they are doing in their job search from their job search dashboard.

How do you help me "Manage my Job Search"?

Jobspeaker is a service which helps you manage all of your job search related information in one place. All of your jobs, companies, contact, events, research and documents can be stored in context of your job search. Within our easy to use interface you can very clearly see how well you are doing in your job search, quickly access the details of any job and all of its related information: contacts, resumes, research, etc. Using Jobspeaker will help you keep your job search related information efficiently organized so that you can concentrate on finding the right job for you.

How do you help me "Manage all my jobs in one place"?

We have built a service that allows you to Save, Rate, Track and make Notes against any job you find online (or offline) in one place. When you are searching for a job online, all you need is our new Bookmarklet and you can Save, Email or Tweet a job to yourself or a friend with just one click. It saves a copy of the job, the link back to the job and asks you to rate it against your other opportunities. Later, you use our jobs dashboard to make notes and track your progress through the interview process.

What is a Bookmarklet?

Bookmarklet the word comes from combining Bookmark and Applet. Therefore a bookmarklet is an applet that sits within your browser. The Jobspeaker Bookmarklet helps you save jobs as you go from any job site so that you can see all of your jobs in one place within your Jobspeaker account. With all of your jobs in one place you can rank, track and keep track of all of your job related information in one place.

What browsers do you support?

The Jobspeaker Bookmarklet supports all popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. If you have any difficulty installing or using the bookmarklet please let us know.

Why should I rate a recruiter?

Rating a recruiter or other party that you interact with during your job search helps other people benefit from your experience. If you have had a great experience with a recruiter then we think others will want to know and benefit from your insight. Likewise if you have had a not-so-great experience with a recruiter then it would be beneficial for others to know that as well. There are a lot of good recruiters and some bad recruiters out there – we’d like to help you find the good ones!