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I'm looking for a job. Why should I use Jobspeaker?

Today’s job search can be complex and overwhelming, to say the least. With thousands of job boards to navigate, searching for a job and staying organized during the search can be a daunting task.

  • How do you ensure you’re using the right board?
  • How can you use recruiting to your benefit?
  • What is the ideal job description for your skill set?
  • How can you stay organized, with such a massive of information to manage?

With Jobspeaker, you can keep everything in one place, track your progress, and access the information you need, when you need it.

Quickly view how you might be connected to each job listing or company. Then, use Jobspeaker to connect directly to your contacts for introductions and to expand your network.

Take the headache out of job searching so you can focus on getting the right job.

Are you sure you're not just another job board?

Yes! We agree, there are more than enough job boards out there. Our job isn’t to add to the confusion, so we don’t post jobs on our site.

Instead, jobseekers can save and manage all their job postings to their account. They can also rank job postings, and track their progress, tasks, contacts, cover letters, and more — to view their progress at a glance.

How does Jobspeaker work?

Simply put, Jobspeaker helps you manage every aspect of the job search in one place.

You’ll store all job postings, company profiles, contact information, events, research, cover letters, documents, and more in your account. With our easy-to- use interface, you can easily analyze your progress and enjoy fast access job details. You can also rank each job according to your preference.

If you’re searching for a job online, use our Jobspeaker Bookmarklet to save any job posting, even email or tweet a job to yourself or a friend. The Bookmarklet saves a copy of the job and its hyperlink, and allows you to rate it right away to help you prioritize. Later, make notes and track your progress throughout the interview process on your dashboard.

What browsers do you support?

The Jobspeaker Bookmarklet supports all popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. If you have any difficulty installing or using the bookmarklet please let us know.

Jobspeaker allows me to rate recruiters. Why should I do that?

When you rate a recruiter during your job search, your rating is shared among the jobseeker community. We think this helps others benefit from your experience, whether you’ve had a positive or negative experience. The goal is to help jobseekers like you find the most effective recruiters.

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