About Us

Bridging the gap between Education, Employment and Beyond.

Our Mission

We understand not everyone has the same opportunities.

Jobspeaker aims to level the playing field for all job seekers by providing access to career and skill exploration, along with pathways to gain the skills needed. Networking, career-advancing Work-Based Learning opportunities, and much, much more!


Here’s why we do what we do

For Jobseekers: They’ll feel empowered with easy-to-use tools that help them manage their job search.

For Educators: We enable efficient, effective engagement between educator and student, as well as educator and accreditor/regulator.

For Employers: Employers can feel more confident as they seek to fill positions with the right candidates who have the right skill sets.

Our Approach

We started with a simple goal of making the job search easier but have grown to an all-encompassing approach that starts with career exploration and ends, well, never. There are always upskilling or reskilling avenues for folks to pursue.

Jobspeaker addresses the entire ecosystem of the job search — from employers and recruiters, to workforce agencies, accreditors/regulators, and campuses and students — enabling efficient communication, reporting, event planning, and more.

The result is a 5-step process for success!

For more details, check out How It Works.

Our Team

We’re a small team of passionate, motivated individuals who believe that the landscape of recruitment has changed dramatically, and that jobseekers need to feel empowered, confident, and organized to navigate it.

With more than 200 years’ combined experience (seriously!) working across numerous industries, we’ve witnessed a wide range of scenarios in the job search process.

Our international group comprises entrepreneurs, technologists, and dreamers, who envision a profound shift in how people search for and find their next job.

What is Inside the Platform that Makes it Work?

Career Exploration
Customizable Electronic Workflows
Pathways for Learners
Track Time
Work-Based Learning
Manage Events
Analytics & Reporting

The Right Tools
at Your Fingertips

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Yes! We have a plug-and-play job board – but we offer so much more!

Ability to manage and scale quality hands-on learning experiences.

Finally, a way to make curriculum mapping easy! Jobspeaker maps your curriculum to skills employers demand. Then Skills Mapping™ guides learners to programs that teach the skills needed for their dream job.

Automatically built from a student's completed coursework. It showcases what a student has learned, earned, and how it relates to employment.

Our products bridge the education-to-workforce talent pipeline through an AI data-driven platform matching in-demand skills to career pathways.