How to answer “Tell me about yourself”? 

“Tell me about yourself” is probably the most commonly asked question in interviews.
How you answer this question greatly affects the first impression you give, and sets the tone for the entire interview.
How should you answer this question? -Here are our tips.

1   Keep it professional
-Give a good first impression

-Do not volunteer personal information
Interviewers are not asking this question because they want to know your personal life.

Do not mention your favorite sport team or artist, but rather present yourself as a professional.
Good answer to this question proves why you are the best candidate for the position.

2   Highlight your experience and skills
-Tailor your answer for the job position

-Study the job description and relate the answer
Highlight education, work experience, and skills that are relevant and helps to prove you are the best candidate.
If you do not have working experience, think about transferable skills that you developed at school or in private life that supports your answer.

3   Give answers in chronological order
Keep your answers in chronological order to make it easy for interviewers to understand.
Quickly organize your answer before stating! 

Here is a good example to start your answer.

“I believe I have a very solid background in medical assisting. I earned my degree in medical assisting where I learned viable skills, such as taking vitals, administering injections, explaining treatment procedures to patients, and preparing patients for examination…..”

Remember, keep it professional, highlight your skills/experiences that are relevant, and organize your answer. 
Follow these steps and practice your answer before the interview.
What do you think? Comment below and share us your experience!

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Ivan Betancourt

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