Better job searches, better results for you and your students

A Career Services Platform with a Human Touch

Help transition your students from campus life to the workforce:

  • Provide individual attention to students to help them achieve their career goals.
  • Get quick access to student profiles to track their process — even identify students who might be struggling.
  • Efficiently track and analyze student, employer, and careers data,
    all in one place.
  • Gain insights into your career services programs and generate reports
    to highlight your successes.

Job Search Preparation

Help students get job-search ready with a series of brief, accessible videos focused on topics such as interview preparation and how to best answer employers’ questions while interviewing.

A Mobile-First Solution

Empower today’s on-the-go jobseekers with a mobile app that helps them stay in control of their job search.

Whether looking to announce job postings to the whole student body or share specific information with a single student, the mobile first Jobspeaker platform can help keep students up to date and stay on task.

Job Management & Collaboration

Offer students an easy-to-use management tool, where they can manage all aspects of their job search – such as resumes, potential employers, and job postings – all in one place.

Career service professionals can quickly and easily view student profiles, interacting with individual students or an entire campus with guidance, job postings, upcoming events, and more.

Job Board Management

Use our online platform to manage job listings for your students: share jobs with a single student, an associate, or an entire campus. Provide job listings to students that match their skills and profiles.

Promote jobs directly to students via multiple feeds — directly from career services, employers, or third-party job websites like Indeed.

uVerify & Tracking Success

Efficiently track and analyze student, employer, and careers data — all in one place, on a computer or mobile device.

Our unique uVerify system is the only solution that provides a fully auditable way to track student, career services, and employer data. Combine this with our data reporting and analysis tools for a comprehensive approach to collecting, analyzing, synthesizing, and reporting on success data.

Event Management

Coordinate events on campus or online, manage meeting room schedules, keep students informed, and track potential attendance quickly and easily. Send notifications via SMS, email, or the mobile app.

Alumni Engagement

Share information and communicate directly with graduates and former students about job postings, events, and mentorship opportunities.

Offer them useful, tangible methods to help them manage their job searches and careers and keep them connected to your career services.

Reporting & Analytics

Stay up to date on metrics and generate reports that illustrate your campus’ success. Whether you’re tracking the number of career events hosted by your department, how many students have applied for jobs, your engagement with new employers, or how long it takes graduates to land their first jobs, Jobspeaker can enable reporting to illustrate your school’s resilience and accomplishments.

Work-Based Learning

Providing work-based learning is a great way to help students develop their employability. Whether you’re looking to open new internships, monitor apprenticeships, or identify new employers, Jobspeaker can help you manage every aspect of a work-based learning program.

With Jobspeaker, you can easily customize a workflow for each work-based learning opportunity, define job descriptions and hiring processes, and collect and report on contracts, attendance, time sheets, objectives, evaluations, and more.


Better job searches, better results for you and your students