About Us

Bridging the gap between Education, Employment and Beyond...


Jobspeaker focuses on solving the job search for all parties involved. For the job seeker, from students to professionals, we help them manage their job search in the most intuitive and easy to use tols that exist for job seekers today. For Educators, we have built tools to help career services manage their engagement with students from jobs, to events, communications and reporting to regulators and accreditors. For Employers, we provide tools to find, communicate and ultimately hire the right candidates.

Students & Jobseekers

A job seeker can no longer wait for the right job to come along, wait for the call from a recruiter or for an employer to post a job that’s perfect for them. Job seekers have to take control of their job search and utilize all avenues to get in front of the employer. A Pro-Active Job Seeker uses a combination of networking, research, informational interviews and more to find out about potential employers and to determine if there is a match between what they are looking for and what the company can provide.

In today’s market more and more people are taking this approach and the traditional job boards and networking tools are not sufficient to manage a process like this. Hence, we have built our service from scratch to focus on helping the job seeker manage every aspect of their job search: from jobs to potential employers to events to contacts. Our service provides you the ability to add context to your job search and maintain all of the information around your job search process in one easy to access online account


Educators are now being asked to do more and more to show how the education they provide matches the needs of the job market. Do graduates find work, can they get employment based on their education, can they pay back their student loans? In-coming students are demanding more from educators, regulators and accreditors are forcing schools to provide more and more data to support their ability to provide workforce ready education.


Employers are demanding better prepared graduates with the right skills and ability to work within a team. Employers are seeking candidates that are more well-rounded, better able to hit the ground running and generally FIT better within their teams and their company culture. And they are looking for tools to help them identify those candidates with intuitive tools in this challenging job market.

Why We Do What We Do

You’ve probably been in a situation where a recruiter or employer calls you to talk about a position you applied for and you weren’t able to recall the details of the job. From speaking to many job seekers, this is a very typical scenario but one that leaves a very bad impression with a recruiter or potential employer.

With Jobspeaker, you’ll have all the information about the jobs that interest you at your fingertips so that you can be ready to answer any question that comes your way. Plus you’ll have a wealth of other knowledge and tools to help you take control of your job search.

If you are running your job search to include a more pro-active approach you need help to see how you are connected to a job or company, keep all of the resumes, cover letters, events organized and rank your preferred jobs.

All of the team here at Jobspeaker have had difficulty staying organized in our job search and have built Jobspeaker to solve the problems we have each experienced in our job search.

Our Approach

We want to improve your ability to stay organized in your job search. We believe that you know where to look for the job that you want, you just need tools to help you organize your job search. We will help you structure your job search and provide tools to keep all of your job search information accessible.

We want you to be successful in your job search and aim to provide you with a service to make your job search more effective.

The Team

Jobspeaker is comprised of a small team of motivated individuals who believe that recruitment is changing and job seekers need more tools to help manage this new process. We are an international group made up of entrepreneurs, technologists and dreamers that want to see change in how you search and find your next job.